Friday, January 10, 2014

The Bosses Are GONE. HUGE SALE!!!

So... Michelle and Patty are off on a mission at CHA to play and buy us new goodies for the store. Here are some samples of things they are making.  I stayed home this time and I'm at the store looking around and I'm in a bit of a panic thinking about where I'm going to put all the new stuff (I just ordered new Valentine paper and accessories). Michelle said I'm the boss... and we didn't have nearly enough pink in the Valentine section... just saying. *wink*

I also decided that I should play a little too, since they are having some play time. Patty is taking a two day Prima class! *SO JEALOUS* So... since I get to be boss because both of the "REAL" bosses are gone. I'm putting everything in the store on sale! Yah.... how about 30% off? Oh Yah, EVERYTHING!! You better get down here before they get back... that's all I'm sayin' bout that.

And... I think on Friday I will have a play day! Oh Yah... bring down your photos that need scrappin' from the holidays, or maybe stuff to make Valentine cards and gifts and let's play... all day. We can die cut and just totally get our craft on!! Who's with me?

Let's hope I still have a job next week......

Happy Friday!  See ya soon.....

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