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02/22 Lasting Hearts Card Drive/Fundraiser

Lasting Hearts Card Drive & Fundraiser
at Memories of Time (rescheduled) Monday, February 22nd, Noon-7pm

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to help others in need. Michelle has graciously offered to set aside Monday, February 22nd as a Special Open House day for the community to participate in this fabulous Card Drive and Fundraiser. The shop will be open on this special day from noon to 7 pm. You heard right – Michelle is leaving the store open for a few extra hours to let those that work during the day participate as well.

Let me tell you a bit more about the event:
Kimberly Saldana, Hero Arts Sales Director, has created a charity for mothers who have lost a child to miscarriage. Many have experienced the pain of this tragic loss. The grieving is unbearable for many and any resource to help families through the grieving process is a welcomed gift. Kimberly had a friend who gave her a book, You are the Mother of all Mothers by Angela Miller after the loss of her own child to miscarriage. She says, “After reading only a few pages, I finally let myself accept for the first time that what happened to us was not my fault and that I did have the strength to continue to be a better mom and wife. The book’s encouraging message was conveyed in a way that was thoughtful, uplifting, compassionate and relatable.”

In an effort to help other mothers who have gone through this experience, Kimberly is working to purchase, then distribute this wonderful book to medical offices where it is most needed. The author, Angela Miller, has agreed to sell her books at a big discount. So now Kimberly’s is calling upon the crafting world to help meet a goal of putting a handmade card into each book. I am hopeful that you, as a cardmaker, will pull together with me and the staff at MOT and help make this happen!

There are TWO ways you can help. You can do one or both – whatever you are comfortable with.

The goal is to put a handmade card inside each book given to these grieving parents. Here’s what to do:
1. Visit MOT on Tuesday, February 16th to make cards. Michelle will provide card basis
and envelopes. Or you can make cards at home.
2. Cards should be stamped or created with a sentiment such as: “thinking of you” –
“in my prayers” – “in my thoughts” - “sending hugs” – “sorry for your loss” or simply
“In Sympathy” MOT will have message stamps that you can use, or you can bring
in ones of your own that are appropriate to the occasion. Then you can either leave the inside blank, enclose a simple hand-written message – keep it simple and kind. You could even just sign your first name and state your hometown. An Example
might be: “Sending lots of prayers from Michelle in Oregon.” Or we will have
sentiments printed out that you can attach to your card.

Don’t worry we will even have card samples you can copy if you like!
On the day of the event – bring in your basic card making supplies: glue, scissors, ink, stamping blocks, foam squares, etc. and create cards for this special event. I will even have some cookies for you to munch on.

3. Place your card in an unsealed envelope and send. MOT will mail all the cards made
at the Open House or you can send the card in yourself to:
Lasting Hearts Card Drive
2892 N Bellflower Blvd Ste 216, Long Beach, CA 90815
** If you include a post-it note on the envelope with your name and email address you can have your name placed in a drawing from Hero Arts! They are contributing a prize of $100 worth of products to one lucky person, if your card reaches Lasting Hearts by February 29!

If you are interested in donating money, each book costs $ 12, but any amount helps and 100% of your donation goes toward buying books. You can donate online at: or if you would like to include a donation via mail with your card, you are welcome to do so, but it is not required.

Creating cards is something we can do easily and is a great way to share kindness with others.
So please join with me and Memories Of Time to participate in this Special Lasting Hearts Card Drive & Fundraiser Event on Monday, February 22nd– noon to 7 pm.

Thank you,
Michelle, Cami, Linda Milller, and Memories of Time.

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